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Entrepreneurial Opportunity

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Definition of 'Entrepreneurial Opportunity'



Vadim Kotelnikov

Entrepreneurial opportunity is a perceived first-seize-gain-most chance to create and deliver innovative value profitably.

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Hard for Scholars, Easy for Serial Entrepreneurs


Management scholars and economists alike acknowledge that they cannot define 'Entrepreneurial Creativity' clearly and, thus, cannot formulate logically consistent prescriptions for both policy and practice.

On the opposite side, pragmatists define 'Entrepreneurial Opportunity' as a situation where entrepreneurs can take action to make a profit.

So, scholars lack clarity, while pragmatists lack the essence of true entrepreneurship.

Below are the definition of 'Opportunity' by Cambridge Dictionary and my definition of 'Entrepreneur'




an occasion or situation that makes it possible to do something that you want to do or have to do, or the possibility of doing something

a visionary and passionate person who habitually spots opportunities, creates innovative customer value and gets it acquired by customers.


When I married these two definitions, they gave birth to the definition of 'Entrepreneurial Opportunity' without any labor pain.



Vadim Kotelnikov

Entrepreneurial opportunity is a perceived first-seize-gain-most chance to create and deliver innovative value profitably.

Vadim Kotelnikov






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There are millions of entrepreneurs. Opportunities are everywhere.

There are enough opportunities for all entrepreneurs. Why? Because each entrepreneur walk's s/his unique way. What is an amazing opportunity opportunity for one entrepreneur is not so for other.





Coaching by Example

Every day brings about millions of entrepreneurial opportunities. Every day I pursue several most promising ones. These actions contribute to achievement of my entrepreneurial vision, but most of them don't generate profits directly.

Scholars wouldn't even notice that I'm pursuing so many entrepreneurial opportunities every day because these actions have no visible impact on profits. The Business Design of my global venture, a civilizational breakthrough, is too complex for an outsider to understand how the whole thing works.

That's the difference between the theory and practice of entrepreneurial opportunities: an entrepreneur pursues dozens of entrepreneurial opportunities every day, but scholars cannot even notice this because they define entrepreneurial opportunities in input-output terms.




Intrapreneurial Opportunities

 Intrapreneurial opportunity is a perceived chance to make entrepreneurial contribution to implementation of corporate strategies through an in-company project.





Vadim Kotelnikov

Don't talk about problems, talk about opportunities.

Vadim Kotelnikov








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