Great business inspires
employees by amazing opportunities and customers by exciting products.







Business Success Tree 



Kore 10 Tips for Business Success 360

1. Vision, Purpose, and Values
Define the
vision, the purpose and the values of your business that are not just well understood and accepted by all employees, but also  inspire and energize people. Set stretch goals and develop practices to live the vision and the values daily.

2. Business Design
Build an innovative strategically designed business that not only pursues emerging opportunities with speed, but also creates opportunities for itself.

3. Value Creation
Create sustainable value for customers, employees and shareholders in a balanced way to excel at strategy execution and to achieve remarkable results.

4. Customer Focus
Focus on your customers and value innovations. Build a customer-focused culture, stay focused on your customer-focused vision, and the rest will follow.

5. Surprise Factor
Keep surprising to keep winning. Inspire employees by tremendous growth opportunities. Amaze customers by your exciting products and services. Shock competitors by your fastness and game-changing radical innovations. Always be looking for ways to make your business stand out from the competition. Be different and show all stakeholders how your differentness creates unique and greater value for them.

6. Systemic Innovation 
Use a holistic,
systemic, and relentless approach to innovation. Reinvent your business model, strategies, products, services, technologies, processes and creative marketing moves continually.

7. Innovative Organization
Build an inclusive and innovation-friendly organization. Create an inspiring culture for innovation and establish innovation processes. Develop an effective motivation system and
empower employees.

8. Creating Synergies
Build synergies and harness the power of diversity. Help corporate leaders build their cross-functional excellence and master the
leadership-management synergy approach. Establish a cross-functional management (CFM) system to build a better synergistic system for innovation, quality, cost, and delivery. Create and empower cross-functional teams. Develop new business models, strategies, technologies and products by cross-functional innovation teams. Facilitate cross-pollination of ideas among people from different departments. Build synergistic partnerships.

9. Advanced Value Chain
Create innovative value chain. Make quality a religion. Help people adopt the continuous improvement mindset and make continuous improvement a habit. Use advanced information technology to ensure seamless virtual integration with your suppliers and customers.

10. Continuous Change
Change and adapt to suit your changing internal and external business environment continually. To succeed in business today, you need to be flexible and innovative. Develop entrepreneurial leaders, Challenge assumptions, reassess your past strategic decisions periodically; discover and respond to emerging business and market opportunities.