Fear is a powerful motivator. Fear to miss something or face unpleasant consequences if you don't act are well known motivators.

You can also use fear to discover opportunities because the presence of fear often means that something unknown is about to happen, and with change comes opportunity. Embracing fear means embracing innovation. You cannot grow unless you stretch yourself and take exciting next steps into an unfamiliar territory. Every time you overcome fear you become stronger and learn something very important to be used in future... More





Burning desire, aspiration and ambition can be a great motivator. People may desire more achievements, more recognition, more freedom, more time, more friends, more wealth, more energy, more health, etc. All of these can serve as positive motivators.

Start with creating an exciting big picture of the desired future and nurturing creative dissatisfaction with the current state of affairs. Ask people how they think they could progress towards the stretch goals and the next level of their performance. Encourage them to do so and show confidence in their capabilities.