How To Eliminate Bureaucracy

Lessons from Jack Welch, former CEO of GE




Jack Welch leadershp success quotes

The 3Ss of winning in business are

Speed, Simplicity, and Self-Confidence.

Jack Welch


How To Eliminate Bureaucacy 5 strategies example GE  

"Bureaucracy fears change, is terrified by speed and hates simplicity.

The way to harness the power of your people is "to turn them loose, and get the management layers off their backs, the bureaucratic shackles off their feet and the functional barriers out of their way.




Drop unnecessary work

Stop monitoring things and your subordinates' performance too closely. Stop firming memos at one another as they prevent you from talking directly with junior managers and field workers.



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Delayer, create a flat responsive organization

"Every layer is a bad layer. The world is moving at such a pace that control has become a limitation. It slows you down." Without all those layers, your company can become lean and agile. Do everything you can to simplify, remove complexity and formality, and make the organization more responsive and agile.



Jack Welch leadershp success quotes

The idea flow from the human spirit is absolutely unlimited. All you have to do is tap into that well.

Jack Welch



Cross-pollinate to make better decisions

Eliminate tools and documents that discourage original thinking and fast decision making.


Leadership by Example





Encourage employees to identify problems and come up with solutions

Force any manager who thwarts their efforts out of the company.

Make your workplace more informal

"Send handwritten notes instead of memos, keep meetings conversational, and encourage dialogue up and down the corporate ladder."



Jack Welch leadershp success quotes

Change before you have to.

Jack Welch